Scripture:  2 Timothy 3:5

"................stay away from people like that." (NLT)

The light switch in my house malfunctioned recently so I decided to fix it. I am certainly not an electrician but a light switch is a simple fix.

I went to the breaker box to turn off the electricity to the switch but I could not figure out which breaker it was. It was not properly marked and I didn't want to turn every breaker off in search for that particular one. After flipping several of the breakers, I gave up and proceed to repair the switch with the breaker still on. 

I removed the 3 wires as I should but accidentally allowed two wires to touch together and fire shot from the switch, shocking by finger. (At least now I know which breaker it is because it tripped when a prohibited connection occurred).

Wouldn't it be wonderful if flames shot or a breaker tripped when we made the wrong connections in life? While the Bible teaches us to be kind and welcoming, it also warns us to stay away from certain people.  Hans Hansen said that "People inspire you, or they drain you - pick them wisely." The Holy Spirit warns us but not as dramatically as flames and tripped breakers.  Rely on His guidance as you make connections. 

"Give yourself permission to walk away from anything that gives you bad vibes.  There is no need to explain it or make sense of it. Just listen to the voice inside of you".  Don't get shocked.