Scripture:  Proverbs 17:28
""Even fools are thought wise when they keep silent; with their mouths shut, they seem intelligent." (NLT)
A few years ago my granddaughter and I were out eating. I ordered grilled salmon and she started to laugh when I placed my order. I asked her what was so funny and after she had composed herself, she said "you said sal-mon". She was in middle school at that time so being the more educated among the two I said to her....."that's what I want....sal-mon." Again, she erupts in laughter and says "Papa....it's not sal-mon, it's samon." I proceeded to give her a spelling lesson when she interrupted telling me that the l is silent. She reminded me that there are hundreds of words that have silent letters. I recall her saying something like "Just because the letter is there does not mean it has to be pronounced and heard. It's there but it's silent."
Some silent letters change the meaning of the word. "Not" changes to "knot", "night" changes to "knight" but in both cases the k is silent. There are numerous examples of how a silent letter changes the entire word. People could learn a lesson from silent letter words. Just because you have something to say does not mean it has to be said. We have a tendency to think we change things by running our mouths. Solomon is considered one of the wisest men to ever live and he said "even fools are thought wise when they keep silent."
Silence is a powerful tool. Learn to use it wisely.