".....................The Lord opened a door of opportunity for me."

The other day I took a prescription to the drug store to have it filled. Since it was going to take 30 minutes I decided to wait in my car and answer a few emails from my phone. While sitting there, my passenger door opened and a strange older woman was getting into my car. It startled me but I calmly said "ma'am you are at the wrong car". Obviously embarrassed, she apologized, closed the door and proceeded to a similar vehicle parked in the next lane.
Maybe you have heard the saying "If it does not open, it's not your door." While that may be encouraging, there is another perspective that's worthy of consideration. "Just because it opens, does not mean it's your door." The woman had approached a door and it opened but it was not her door. It wasn't until she closed the wrong door that she was able to go forward and find the right one.
How often have you wasted time in a place that had been opened to you but you knew it was not where you should be? Paul wrote to the Corinthian church and referred to his preaching in Troas as a "door of opportunity." He had come to the right door and he knew it. You and I must do likewise. If you have opened the wrong door, close it and open the one that God has for you. Stay focused on what you are doing. Maintain a strong prayer life. Trust God to show you the right door.