Scripture: Judges 7: 1-25 

 When I was in my early years of elementary school, I was taught the basic mathematical principles. I was taught to add, subtract, multiply and divide. As I progressed through other grades I was exposed to algebra, geometry, algebra II, trigonometry, pre-calculus and calculus. My success with all of the post elementary courses hinged upon my ability to grasp basic math. You cannot master algebra if you only know how to add. Calculus will have you suicidal if you only know how to subtract. The successful mathematician knows all four parts of the mathematical operation.

This principle applies to God as well. We have been guilty of boasting about a God who multiplies. I read an article by Timothy Edwards on line recently and it said "God multiplies, man adds, Satan divides, and subtracts." While that sounds good and spiritual, it not true. God does not only multiply. He also adds. Multiplying and adding are the things that we normally praise Him for. But God also subtracts and divides and that too is praise worthy.

 As wonderful as it is to see God multiply and add, experience has proven that he blesses us through subtracting as well. He is a God who knows how to deduct things from our lives. Gideon did not win victory by God multiplying and adding to his army. God subtracted 31,700 soldiers from the 32, 000 that Gideon had and left him with only 300. It was through God's skillful subtraction that Gideon was able to win the battle.

If you find yourself in a season of subtraction it may simply be God's way of showing you that he is a completely mathematical God. He does not have to multiply or add to give you victory. Learn to celebrate the things that he takes out of your life.