Scripture: Habakkuk 1-3 

"Out West, a cowboy was driving down a dirt road, his dog riding in back of the pickup truck, his faithful horse in the trailer behind. He failed to negotiate a curve and had a terrible accident.

Sometime later, a highway patrol officer came on the scene. An animal lover, he saw the horse first. Realizing the serious nature of its injuries, he drew his service revolver and put the animal out of his misery. He walked around the accident and found the dog, also hurt critically. He couldn't bear to hear it whine in pain, so he ended the dog's suffering as well.

 Finally he located the cowboy --who suffered multiple fractures--off in the weeds. "Hey, are you okay?" the cop asked. The cowboy took one look at the smoking revolver in the trooper's hand and quickly replied, 'Never felt better!" The man had observed what came to the moaning horse and the whining dog and decided that complaining is not a good option.

 We have become a nation of complaining people due to the fact that we allow complaints to occupy space that has been reserved for gratitude. If we would count our blessings we would have less time to consider our misfortunes. If we would fill our mouth with praise and appreciation for what we have we would have no time left to complain about what we don't have.  

 When Habakkuk went to God with his complaint, (Habakkuk 1:1-5), it is interesting that God did not join Habakkuk's pity party. Instead, God showed Habakkuk how much worse things could be (vs. 5-10) he gave Habakkuk something to do, "write the vision" (2:2). After that, Habakkuk got busy with his assignment and his complaining changed to praise "Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation." (3:18). Four things we learn from this. (1) God does not entertain complaining. (2) Things could be much worse. (3) Complaining is a sign of the person's lack of vision and assignment. And (4) Gratitude and praise should replace complaints.

Take your life to another level. Spend less time complaining and more time being thankful.