Scripture:  1 Samuel 26:24

"..................................... may the Lord consider my life valuable and rescue me from all trouble. " (HCSB)
The other day while cleaning off my desk I realized that I had accidentally wadded up a $20.00 bill and thrown it in the garbage can. I knew that the money had been on my desk but when I couldn't find it I dug through the trash and there it was. When I saw it I never thought of it as trash. It was wadded, wrinkled, and in the garbage can surrounded by other trash but I never deemed my $20.00 bill to be trash. In fact, the value of the bill did not change because it had been mishandled or misplaced. It was still worth twenty dollars.

Did you know that your value is never diminished in the sight of God? It does not matter how wadded, wrinkled, mishandled, or misplaced you might be, God sees you as valuable. Embrace your self-worth. Dr. Christina Hibbert defines self-worth as "the ability to comprehend and accept my true value-to understand that I am more than my mind, body, emotions and behaviours. To see myself as God sees me. To accept His love for me, and to learn to love myself in like manner.

Never devalue yourself. You may be going through a season when you feel mishandled, misplaced, wadded up and thrown away. David prayed, "May the Lord consider my life valuable and rescue me from all trouble." That prayer has been answered. Your situation and condition does not matter. You are still valuable.