Scripture:  Deuteronomy 1:7

"It is time to break camp and move on"

I was reading my bible recently and when I got to the end of the page, I was having problems turning it. The pages were stuck and I spent a few seconds trying to turn the page. I picked the Bible up and blew on the page but it was still stuck. Finally the old finger on the tongue remedy and the moisture helped me turn the page.

How many times have you struggled to turn the page in your life? You come to the end of a chapter or sentence but you simply cannot turn the page. Relationships, careers, sickness, divorce, bad experiences, are all chapters that we wish were not in our book. Too many people give up on life in these chapters. When you read a book and there is a chapter that you don't like, do you throw the book away or do you turn the page and read the next chapter?  Learn that it's a just a chapter in your life.  Turn the page.

When the children of Israel were coming out of Egypt they spent years in the wilderness.  At the time of the text they have come to a bad chapter. Rather than turning the page, they kept reading the same page, (going around the same mountain), over and over.  God spoke to them and said "You have stayed at this mountain long enough. It is time to break camp and move on".  Wisdom is knowing when to turn the page.