Scripture: 2 Chronicles 7:14 

There is only one time in Scripture when God promises to heal the land. That one time is a conditional promise and the conditions are: (1) His people (those called by His name) would humble themselves (2) pray (3) seek His face (4) turn from their wicked ways (repent). The recent Ferguson, Missouri situation is another of the many proofs that the land needs healing. The antidote does not rest in the hands of the government, community, rallies, or protest. The antidote lies in the Church and its willingness to move from merely apologizing about its racially motivated past to actually repenting of it.

Most of the denominations that exist in Christianity were either formed with racial motivations at its root or the denomination rejected other races forcing them to organize their own denomination or convention. Whether it's the Southern Baptist who were formed because Baptist in the North and South clashed on the issue of slavery, to the United Methodist Church who apologized to its Black constituents after many had fled from the organization due to racism, to the Church of God, the Assemblies of God, etc. Many of these denominations or conventions have apologized for their racial discriminations and a number are making great strides in the right direction. We all agree that we can do more and God will heal the land.

Apology says "we did it and we are ashamed of it." Repentance says "we did it and not only are we ashamed, but we are willing to change." The racial divide that we see in Ferguson is another demonstration of the church in its shame. When a Missouri Church fills with Black leaders for the funeral of the Black teen who was killed while the Whites gather at another location and raise almost half a million dollars to support the white police officer, race becomes the central focus - not justice.

Are there areas in your personal life that you have apologized for but have not yet repented? Until shame matures to change, shame will repeat itself. Apology frees the victimizer from the shame of their act. Repentance frees the victim from the fear of it being done again. God's healing is not promised because we apologize. It is promised when we repent.