Scripture: Galatians 5:16 

Faith does not mean that we don't have fear. It means that fear does not have us. Fear is a common emotion that accompanies major decisions. Feeling fear in the time of risk is as natural as feeling a chill when walking in the cold.

 When we feel fear we tend to question our spirituality. The Bible teaches us to walk in the spirit and we will not fulfill the lust of the flesh. The flesh is the seat of our emotions. Fear is one of those emotions of the flesh. Walking in the Spirit means to control the fear and keep moving. Those who walk in the flesh will be paralyzed by fear. Those who walk in the Spirit will force themselves to move forward while yet shaking in their boots. Shaking in your boots is a natural emotion. Moving in spite of the shaking is supernatural, an act of the Spirit and faith.

 Fear is an emotion while faith is a decision. Never allow your decision to be enslaved by your emotions but always force your emotions to become subject to your decision. Your emotions may never go away but at least if you keep moving the emotions will be forced to go with you rather than keeping you standing still. Manage your fear rather than allowing your fear to manage you.