Scripture: Mark 5: 25-29

An experiment was conducted where several frogs were placed in glass jars and lids were put on the jars. When the frogs were first put in the jars, they would leap as frogs do but they could only leap as high as the lid. Each time they leaped their heads would bang against the lid. The experiment lasted 30 days. Food and water was put in the jars so that the frogs remained healthy and alive but when the lid was lifted, the frogs made no effort to leap. They had given up on leaping because their efforts over the past 30 days had brought them nothing but bruised heads.

Mark records the story of a woman who had hemorrhaged for 12 years. She had gone to several doctors but her condition did not get better but only worsened. On a particular day in scripture, she heard that Jesus was in town and even though the past 12 years had produced nothing, she did not resign as the frogs. This was the day that the lid was being lifted for her and she could not afford to miss this opportunity so she made her way to touch the Master.

Most successful people can tell you that there were periods of time when their efforts produced nothing but bumps and bruises. At some point the lid was lifted and they had to be ready to leap. Don't allow the bumps and bruises of the past to stagnate you. The lid will be lifted and you must be ready to leap.