Scriptures: Romans 5:4 
When I unlocked my office and entered the building today the security alarm sounded. If an intruder had entered, the alarm would have alerted the security company and they would have dispatched the appropriate officials to attend to the problem. Since I was not an intruder and knew the code, I deactivated the system and proceeded to get busy with the tasks for today.

I am currently reading Dr. Myles Munroe's book, The Power of Character in Leadership. In the book, Dr. Munroe writes about how good character is like a personal security system for our lives. When good character, values, morals and ethics are properly installed and activated in our lives, any intrusion ought to set off the alarm. Intruders do not have the code to deactivate the alarm and it should sound until the intruder is apprehended.

It's unfortunate that we give our code to things that should be considered an intrusion upon our good character. We become comfortable with things like destructive comments, fault finding, lying, aloofness, defensiveness, enviousness, etc., which are intrusive to good character but we have given them the code. Even though our alarm goes off initially, we have authorized them to enter, deactivate the alarm and hang around. Maybe it's time to change the code so that future entrance of things that violate good character will be arrested immediately.

What good character intruders have your code? Change the code, secure your character. Good character will take you further than anything else you can acquire.