Scripture: Joshua 3: 15-16 

Have you noticed the signs at some traffic lights which instruct you to move forward to the line in order to activate the green light? If you pull up to a red light that has these sensors but you stop too soon, the sensors are not activated and the light could stay red for an extended period of time. The sensor is only activated when you go the limit and pull up to the line.

In the story of Joshua leading the children of Israel into the Promised Land, they are challenged to cross the Jordan. The waters were at their highest levels and crossing the Jordan was a dangerous thing to attempt, especially walking. Joshua and the Israelites had stopped at the river banks wondering what God would do. They had the historical account of Moses approaching the Red Sea and Moses stretching forth his rod and the sea parted. Maybe God would do the same thing again so they stand on the river bank expecting a miracle. However, this time they had stopped too far back from the line. God orders them to come as far as they could and as soon as their feet touched the water the light turned green, the water backed up and Israel went over on dry ground.

The line indicates that you have gone as far as you can. Too often we stop before we get there. Pull up to the line of your limitations and watch God expand them.