Scripture Nehemiah 6:3

"Don't let those cats talk you down to their level...."

I was sitting in my mother's kitchen and I watched a cat as it chased its prey. The cat slowly inched upon a squirrel but it was not able to catch it. Then I watched the same cat chase a bird. The cat lowered itself to the ground and inched its way upon the bird but the bird flew away just in time.

Cats kill millions of birds every year. As kittens they are trained to hunt and catch rodents and birds. It's easy to understand the cat catching a rat or a squirrel; but a bird? Rodents are on the same level as the cat but a bird can fly. The only way a cat can catch a bird is that the bird must come down to cat level.

In Nehemiah 6, there were some cats, Sandballat and Tobiah, who were trying to talk Nehemiah into coming down from building the wall. Nehemiah responded to those cats, "Why should the work cease, whilst I come down to you?" If the bird gives the cat any attention, the cat is skilled enough to destroy it.

This reminds me of T. D. Jakes illustration of the turtle and the giraffe. He says "when you are a giraffe and you receive criticism from turtles, they are reporting the view from the level they are on." Remember, "Whoever tries to bring you down is already lower than you." Don't let those cats talk you down to their level.