Scripture:  I Kings 19: 11-12

Some time ago I wrote a devotional and told of an incident when my vehicle would not start. After waiting on AAA for over an hour, I finally decided to pray over the vehicle and it started.  I drove it to the dealership and had a new starter installed.

Well, this time the battery went dead and while sitting in the hot parking lot, I remembered what I did the last time.  I decided to try it again, so I prayed that God would start the vehicle. I turned the ignition only to the clicking sound of a battery gone dead. As soon as I got out of the vehicle, a stranger approached and offered to give me boost. In less than five minutes, the vehicle was started and I went to purchase a battery.

In both cases, God did what I asked Him to do, but in different ways. We often miss God because we are looking for Him to manifest Himself one way, but He does something different. Elijah was told to go stand on the mountain because God was going to manifest Himself. As he stood there, a mighty windstorm came but God was not in the wind. Then an earthquake shook the mountain, but God was not in the earthquake. Finally, Elijah heard a gentle whisper and he identified it as God.

God does things in different ways so that we don't rely on a system, but rely on Him. If you have asked Him, He's doing it. Don't miss Him.