Scripture:  Proverbs 30:5

"......He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him."

Cell phones have become a common commodity these days. You will be hard pressed to find anybody that that does not carry at least one. Most of us can remember buying a cell phone in earlier years only to drop it and shatter the screen. Now we have protectors that go over the screen and they really work. When the phone is dropped, the protective shield will break but the screen of the phone remains unbroken. The maker of the protective shield is aware of the fact that human nature has made each of us vulnerable to accidents, dropping our phones, or just careless incidents. With that in mind, they have manufactured a covering that will be shattered so that the screen itself is saved.

That is similar to what happened for you at Calvary. Jesus Christ is your protective shield and rather than seeing you constantly falling and shattered, He covered you at the cross. If the screen on your cell phone could talk it would probably tell the protective screen "thank you for taking my place. I fell but survived because you were willing to be broken." Since a talking cell phone is a ridiculous idea, why don't you take the opportunity to thank God that He gave His son to be your protective shield? You have survived being dropped by family, friends, and countless other situations but He has been broken in your stead. He is your protective shield.