Scripture:  Proverbs 19:22
                    Proverbs 3:21   
"Loyalty makes a person attractive"
"Maintain your competence........."

In my office I keep a pack of chocolate Oreo cookies. I don't eat them often but periodically I will have a couple. In fact, I just finished eating two. When I took the cookie out of the pack, one of the chocolate layers separated from the cookie and exposed the white cream. Like a kid, I decided to eat the cream and then the two layers separately. I ate the second cookie without going for the cream first and realized that the cookies actually taste better when eaten whole. The layers and the cream are both good separately, but together, they make for a better snack.

I was reading a leadership article and it addressed our tendency to mistake loyalty for competence. The article explained how leaders fail by surrounding ourselves with people who are a ten when it comes to loyalty but a five when it comes to competence. Competence, according to the article, should always override loyalty. But what if a person is a ten in competence and barely a five in loyalty? Would we want that person a part of our team? When it comes to competence and loyalty, it's not an either or matter; it's a both and. Like the chocolate layers and the cream in the Oreo, they are good separately, but they are much better together.
Which of the two are you working on, loyalty or competence? Ask God to give you both. It just makes a better you.