Scripture: John 11:35 

 John 11:35 is the shortest verse in the Bible. Only two words, "Jesus wept". What would cause the God-man to weep? The context of this verse involves the death of Lazarus. Jesus had been called to the home of Mary and Martha because their brother, Lazarus, was sick. That was at least four days earlier because by now Lazarus has actually died and has been dead for four days. Jesus arrived and asked them to take Him to the place where they had buried Lazarus and then He weeps. The people who were there thought that He wept because of Lazarus. They even said "behold how He loved him."(v. 36).

 A careful consideration of the event reveals that His tears were not in regard to Lazarus. Mary and Martha had called Him and He did not come immediately and they express their disappointment to Him when He arrived. Even though they are disappointed that He did not respond to their request as they felt He should, when He finally arrives and asked them to do something they still obey Him. He says "show me where you laid him" and they follow His instructions and He weeps. If He were weeping about the death of Lazarus He would have wept four days ago. He had announced Lazarus' death to the disciples in verse fourteen and even then He did not weep. It is clear that His tears have been prompted by the obedience of Mary and Martha in the midst of disappointment and tragedy.

 Have you faced disappointments in your life? Have you ever asked God to do a particular thing and He did not do it? Have you ever prayed that something would not happen and it happened anyway leaving you faced with tragedy? God is moved when we will obey Him in the midst of our disappointments and tragedies. He is a God of power and prerogative. His power says He can do it but His prerogative says that He does not have to. He's moved when we obey Him anyhow.