Shepherds Gate is a fellowship that has been established by God, under the leadership of Bishop Jerry F. Hutchins, who is the Senior Pastor of Kingdom Now Ministries in Norcross, Ga. The Shepherds Gate fellowship consists of Pastors from diverse ministries and organizations. It is designed to provide mentoring and covering, spiritual development and other resources that will assist and equip pastors who are divinely assigned to the Shepherd’s Gate.

Shepherd’s Gate Has a Fivefold Purpose:

Pastoral Mentoring
Pastors are in need of advice and guidance from another pastor who has the expertise and experience in pastoral care and other related church or pastoral issues. Pastors are able to receive a wealth of information, wisdom, counseling, etc. to help them cope with the various challenges that are constantly confronting pastors on a day-to-day basis.

Pastoral Support
The fellowship provides resources to support pastors in the performance of their duties, personal spiritual development, and to enhance the spiritual growth of their respective ministries. The support includes Church Administration, Church Finances, Church Growth, Evangelism, etc. which helps the pastor to be an effective shepherd for the kingdom of God.

Pastoral Covering
The fellowship provides a covering for pastors. Pastors need nurturing, spiritual renewal, restoration and healing in order for them to be effective leaders for God, their families, churches and communities. The fellowship provides a spiritual father to cover pastors who desire to establish a relationship as a son and submit to the authority of the father.

Pastoral Accountability/Obligation
While pastors are being ministered to under the Shepherd’s Gate, they are accountable and responsible for leading a life that meets biblical qualifications of those who hold this office. The pastors’ standard of living should be above reproach and exemplary. The pastors also assist Bishop Hutchins in reaching other pastors who sense the need to become a member of Shepherd’s Gate.

Pastoral Unity
The fellowship meets on a monthly basis to provide an opportunity for pastors to dwell together in unity and to be spiritually strengthened. Pastors are required to bring their churches together in the house of the spiritual leader on a yearly basis in order to promote unity among our congregations, and to worship and glorify God in spirit and in truth. The pastors and their respective ministries are encouraged to continue this spirit of unity on a regular basis by fellowshipping with one another, experiencing the diversity of styles in our worship unto God. Moreover, other activities (retreats, conferences, seminars, recreation and relaxation, etc.) are scheduled to promote harmony among the brethren.

Requirements For Joining Shepherd’s Gate Fellowship

Membership is strictly relationship based. Contact Bishop Jerry Hutchins for additional information.