Scripture: Genesis 49:15    

"And He saw that rest was good".

Recently I took my vehicle to be serviced and received a loaner until mine was repaired. They told me that the fuel level was low but to return the vehicle at the same level. I immediately got on the interstate as I had a good distance to travel. When I finally exited and had to stop at a red light, the car stopped running. I panicked when I noticed the fuel level on empty. I got ready to get out and push the car to the median. Suddenly, the car started running again. I was not out of gas. I did not know that I was driving a hybrid which automatically shuts off the engine when it comes to a stop and restarts when the accelerator is pressed to prevent wasted energy while idling.

"Lord teach us to live as hybrids". By definition, a hybrid is something that is formed by combining one or more things. God has created us as hybrid beings by combining our body, soul and spirit into one. How unhealthy it is that we run for long hours and distances but when time comes to enjoy idleness, we are still running on all cylinders. We have made bedrooms a second office with computers and smartphones. Idle time at the table with family has become another opportunity to read emails and view social media accounts. Health experts confirm that people live healthier and longer when they learn to shut it down.