Scripture   Luke 10:41

"Martha, Martha," the Lord answered, "you are worried and upset about many things.....

This morning while I was doing some work on my computer, I noticed that a stapler had gotten stuck under my delete button.  I was typing a document and needed to delete a portion of it when I discovered that I could not delete the information because the button was stuck. I needed to complete the document but I could not proceed unless I fixed the issue and deleted some stuff.  God used that as a teachable moment for me and hopefully it will minister to you as well.  How often do we function in life with our delete button being stuck and not operative?  We keep adding more responsibilities, projects, commitments, assignments, etc., but we fail to utilize the delete button to take some things off so that other things can be added.

Jesus rebuked Martha because of her workaholic spirit. He had arrived at her house and it was a perfect time for her to push the delete button, take some tasks off of her schedule, sit down and enjoy a visit with the Master.  Instead, she kept working and even expressed anger because her sister hit delete and replaced other tasks with an opportunity to worship.

You have a delete button for a reason. Use it!  Just because you are busy does not mean you are productive. New challenges will stress you if you don't delete some old things you have been doing.  Take control of your life by deleting the things that need to be deleted.