Scripture:  Matthew 11:24 

The other morning I got up as I normally do, took my shower, got dressed and went into the kitchen for my morning cup of coffee. I put the water in the Keurig and then filled the kcup with coffee, set it for the proper cup size and hit brew. While the coffee brewed and streamed, I left the kitchen to do something else. When I returned, I noticed that the coffee had dispensed. Unfortunately, I had failed to put a cup in position to receive the coffee as it streamed. The cup was on the counter but not properly positioned to catch the coffee. All that I had planned to receive had been wasted because the cup had not been properly positioned.

Today I want you to position yourself to receive that which you have prayed for. You have not taken time to read this devotional simply because you have nothing else to do. This devotional is to push you into position to receive. I pray that you will find yourself sitting under a flowing stream to receive everything that you have asked God for. Matthew 11:24 reads "therefore, I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them. 

You took the time to pray so now position yourself to receive. Dismiss any trace of doubt. Believe that you have received what you asked for. Thank God as if it is already done. Get in position to be blessed.