Scripture: Psalm 22:3
".......O thou inhabitest the praises of Israel".(KJV)
During my life I have been involved in many building projects. My wife and I have built houses during our marriage. Over the course of my pastoral life I have led the church in building worship and educational facilities. Regardless of how much money and time was invested into these projects, we could never occupy the facility until it was inspected and we received a certificate of occupancy. The certificate of occupancy was our green light to move in.

Have you ever visited a church and did not feel the presence of God?  It may be a beautiful facility but God does not abide in the place. Why? It may be because He has not received a certificate of occupancy.

The Psalmist writes "God inhabits the praises of Israel." The Hebrew word for "inhabitest" is the word yä·shav'. Over 400 times the Bible translates the word as "dwell". It means to take residents or to move in. While the structure may be grand, God does not move in until praise is present.

The same applies for your life. If you want Him in your situation, give Him a certificate of occupancy. Don't give him complaints or attitudes because He will not live there. Give Him praise and He will move in. Praise is a fair exchange for breath. Every time he gives you breath respond by giving Him praise. If you are facing a challenge and you need God to move in, praise is His certificate of occupancy.